We are not just programmers, we are engineers.

Creating the best solutions for your company using cutting edge technologies and development methodologies.


We will advise and help you choose the most suitable IT solution based on your company's needs. Are you ready to take your business to a new level? We'll tell you how.

Web development

There is no business problem that we couldn't solve with help of web-technologies. We offer solutions of either side of the spectrum: from a simple website to IT systems of any complexity.

Cloud Solutions

With cloud, it's easier to keep up with progress. We are certain that thanks to this innovation your company will be able to effectively use both monetary and human resources.

We are...


We chose .NET as the most innovative platform. It has the flexibility of modern software products, the stability of time-tested enterprise systems. It's fully open source, cross platform, widely used, well documented and supported by Microsoft and developer community.


We use Angular to develop web interfaces, because it is modular, it allows rapid development and contains many ready-made solutions. It also has an extensive use area, an active community and the support of Google engineers.


Microsoft Azure is a rapidly evolving cloud platform. We use its services to create, manage and deploy applications globally. With Azure, we get the power to build and deploy any size applications ready to scale.


We use Scrum as a flexible software development process that allows us to work on projects taking into account their dynamic specifics. It also makes it possible to make adjustments to the goals and tasks as the requirements of clients are fulfilled.


For each project, we carefully plan the deployment process of the systems being created so that it is efficient, reliable and is automated as possible. We know for a fact that software produces value only in the hands of users.


Having solved the problem at hand, we do not stop there. Our specialists will provide you with their assistance at all stages of the project development and will provide long-term support for the developed software.


It is important for us that the products we build benefit our clients. We are not afraid to perform tasks of any difficulty and do not stop where others do. For us it is unacceptable to throw things halfway, so we finish what we've started.


We're use latest technologies and development methodologies. –°onstantly evolving through following latest achievements in the field of IT. It is important for us to keep abreast of IT innovations in order to offer the best to our clients.


We value commitment and efficiency. Within our company we prepare specialists of highest knowledge, training them in accordance with world quality standards. Therefore, the BBIT team has only real professionals.