At the time of the project’s initiation, the client didn’t have any centralized information system that would summarize data on the production process. There was no summarized information about factory’s operation, status of orders and tasks or any other statictics. In addition, the assessments of employees efficiency and the factory as a whole, has been carried out manually, and resulted in a lot of wasted manhours and significant errors in those reports. This fact has been significantly hamping the decision-making process about available workloads and made it difficult to forecast order production times, forced to provide inaccurate estimates to clients and left management without accurate and objective information on overall business performance.


We’ve developed a web-based system that collects data about all production processes on the factory: from order creation, through production, to finished product delivery to customer. The features of the system:

  • customer management;
  • order management;
  • product management;
  • technical product card management;
  • production cycle management according to technical documentation;
  • task distribution management;
  • work progress and time consumption monitoring;
  • employee timesheets;
  • real time plant workload monitoring by any performed operation;
  • warehouse management.

Technical description

Architecturally the system consists of two parts: client and server. On the server there is a REST API written in .NET Core 1.1., which resides in Microsoft Azure, but also can be hosted on customers servers, if necessary. Since .NET Core is a cross-platform technology, the solution does not require the mandatory presence of Windows infrastructure on the customers side and can be deployed on a number of Linux distributions supported by .NET Core.

The client side is an AngularJS 1.4 (SPA) application, which provides a user-friendly interface for working with data. The UI is adapted for large and small screens.