About us

Who we are?

Programming is in our DNA. BBIT – team of experienced IT engineers. We are attracted to new challenges and interesting projects. In addition, we are actively using latest technologies while keeping in mind stability our client businesses required.

  • Constantly exploring innovations in the industry, trying different approaches and products gladly implementing those that we find useful
  • Thoughtfully using Agile principles in our projects. We're helping our clients to better understand their needs and set goals by actively involving them into the project development process.
  • Constantly looking for talents and actively mentoring our new employees to make them better engeneers. Every year we're cooperating with the Latvian University of Agriculture and taking promising students to our friendly engineering team
  • We are ready to advise and help you to select appropriate IT solution for your needs. We can suggest on how to get the most out of your existing resources. Also, we'll gladly give you our expert assessment of the existing solutions and their further development
  • In us, you will find a reliable partner who will cover your IT back and will not let you down in a difficult situation. We are interested in long-term cooperation with our clients, therefore we are building pragmatic, mutually beneficial relationships based on trust and recognition of mutual competence

How we do it?

Our development process is based on Microsoft cloud solutions for developers by name Visual Studio Team Services. We actively use all of many provided tools to make our work more efficient and structured. We use all kinds of automation to exclude human factor from any possible processes, such as building, deployment and testing. In conjunction with Microsoft Azure, we are able to have a full-fledged high-quality software production cycle, which until recently was only available to large corporations.

.NET Core
Visual Studio Code